Monetize your website with push notifications

Get revenue from your traffic using push notifications.
Collect your base and get paid for clicks.

What do we offer?
Our advantages: high cpm traffic and fast payouts.

Our platform has powerful functionality for publishers, we monetize http and https sites, the ability to create direct links, convenient and detailed statistics. We process payout requests every day.

Push Notifications

It is a popup shown while visiting a website, in which the subscription to website updates is offered

Сyclical earnings. Stable business!

Collect your own push-subscription base. We send push notifications to your subscribers with current news 5 times a day

Сompliance with all passive income

Get passive income for every click on the news from the push notification. The sale of subscriptions is available.

Exclusive features.

You can set the number of push emails per day, customize the appearance of the subscription form, receive a postback about conversions, see information about the ROI of your traffic and much more.

Some more advantages

High cost per click formed at auction

Geo - the whole world

We can earn on traffic from around the world

Intuitive interface

Convenient and modern platform without "glitches"

Flexible settings

Simple and quick installation of code on sites, the ability to install on groups of sites

Start earning today
Frequently asked
What is a push subscription?

It is a popup shown while visiting a website, in which the subscription to website updates is offered

What are the advantages of monetizing a website with a help of push?

It does not take up additional space a website and can be combined with other monetizing methods. Your website visitors have to subscribe to push notifications once and you will get profit from them for a long time until they get unsubscribed.

What are the push notifications?

They are small popups appearing on a screen of the device subscribed to push notifications.

What is advertised in push notifications on the subscribed devices?

Generally, there are commercial offers and other categories, which are not prohibited by the international agreements

Which websites are accepted by the system?

Any websites categories of which do not break the regulations. All websites added to the system need to have https due to the push-subscriptions technical features.

Will the search engines impose penalties on my website?

Search engines policy does not prohibit using push notifications on websites.

How much can I earn?

If you have 5000 visitors a day and have , then a month after you placed the our advertising code a month before, you will earn $7.65-15.30 a day. You need some time to collect your own push-subscription base. The demonstrated numbers shown are approximate and depend on the category and type of traffic.

How many times are push notifications sent a day?

From 1 to 16 times, you can set preferable frequency yourself. Push notifications are sent 5 times a day as default.

What do I get money for?

You get profit from ads sent to your push notifications base: payment is for clicks on ads. Also, we offer push subscriptions buyouts.

I am a Traffic Arbitrage Manager. I want to sell subscriptions. Is it possible?

Yes, we offer push subscriptions buyouts. To look at the buyout prices for every geo, open your Profile. To activate the buyout contact our support service.