Terms and Conditions

20 September 2018

Moscow city

1. General terms
1.1 The Present User agreement (hereinafter - Agreement) refers to the zpush.biz website.
1.2 The Agreement governs the rights and obligations between the Administration of the zpush.biz website (hereinafter - the Administration) and the User of this website.
1.3 By registering on the zpush.biz website, the user unconditionally accepts the Agreement.
1.4 The Administration of zpush.biz website reserves the right to change or amend the Agreement at any time without the consent of the User.

2. The Subject of Agreement
2.1 The internet resource zpush.biz provides the User with services:
- ability to collect a database of push subscriptions;
- to earn on this base of push subscriptions;
- to have access to statistics on the traffic;
- to buy clicks from the notifications on the basis of push subscriptions based on the auction system;
- to receive statistics on purchased clicks.

3. Rights and obligations of the parties.
3.1 The website Administration has the right:
- to restrict access to the website to the User who violates the Agreement;
- to take measures to check the User's traffic in case of disputes.
- to temporarily freeze User's payment to check the quality of his traffic. Fraud (Fraud - is fraudulent click-through, views or other actions for which there is a payment) will not be paid; - to not cheat, fraudulently increase the number of clicks and views of advertisements.
3.2 The User has the rights:
- to receive statistics on the traffic;
- to ask any questions related to the operation of the zpush.biz website;
- to receive payments in a timely manner,
- to use all available features of the zpush.biz internet resource.
3.3 The Administration undertakes:
- to pay out the earnings to the full extent within the established time limit;
- to ensure the availability and performance of the zpush.biz website;
- to provide support to the User regarding the operation of the zpush.biz internet resource.
3.4 The User undertakes:
- not to disrupt the operation zpush.biz website;
- not to attract traffic using methods prohibited by international agreements;
- to cooperate with the verification of the traffic sources;
- not to disclose the correspondence with the Administration;
- not to create advertising campaigns which contradict the international legislation;
- not to register using User’s own referral link (such accounts are subject to disconnection from the referral program).

Last updated: March 16, 2019